Guitar and Bass Lessons

Jeff Brueske (B.A. Northwestern College; M.M. Univ. of MN) has been teaching students of all ages and abilities for over 25 years.  He studied with jazz legends Anthony Cox and Dennis Irwin, orchestral pedagogues Robert Anderson and Mark Kausch, and classical guitarists Jeffrey Van and Alan Johnston.  He has been an adjunct bass instructor at Bethel University since 2003 and at the University of Northwestern since 2018.

Beginner/intermediate guitar, electric bass and double bass lessons are offered at Jeff's teaching studio in south Minneapolis in  1/2 hour weekly ($30), one hour weekly or twice-monthly ($60) sessions. DURING THE COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS in MPLS, JEFF IS OFFERING LESSONS VIA SKYPE OR ZOOM.   Fill out the form below or call 612 987 1119 for information and scheduling. 

Jeff is also available for Skype or Zoom lessons at:

Blue Tree Music Education in Minneapolis